More about Jeremy Menicucci


A little about me

I've been doing web design and development for several years now and I've developed a pretty robust portfolio. I originally started with web design and development as hobby in a way. It was always enjoyable to write something in code and watch it come to life.

I've learned a ton about being a developer and a designer, and as a result I've launched into a freelance career to spread the joy of code to others.

My skills

I've become quite proficient in developing with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and Javascript. I've also developed my skills in Laravel, Lumen, and Wordpress, so if you're needs are geared towards a framework or CMS, I can develope and design a website that accomodates your website needs.

For whatever reason, if you need to get set up with something in Ruby or Python or perhaps you had a website developed with these technologies and need help with updates, I can help you out there as well. I'm comfortable with these technologies, however, they are not where I excell.

How can I help you from here?

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